Companies advertise in order to sell a product or service. The objective is to have an impact on consumers in order to encourage them to consume. What is the nature of its influence? 

The creation of need


The need is at the origin of the majority of purchasing actions. This type of process involves some form of rationality. In many cases, the consumer does not necessarily express the need in question. The primary role of advertising is to create the need by stimulating the desire.

In terms of communication, advertising aims to deliver a message developed in a specific way. This message must be clear, concise and convincing. The objective of advertising communication is a psychological action to generate a purchasing action.

Studies based on implicit memory show that, by viewing an advertisement 4 times, consumers can retain 50% of the information in the following week, and 30% in the following two months. 


A sense of belonging


Advertising is more than just brand promotion. It is the creation of a universe and the possibility for consumer to belong to a certain social group. They see this universe as a means of identification, acceptance and belonging to a social group. Young people are the first targets because, in general, they do not detach themselves from the consumer society.


The influence in an unconscious way

The consumer is not alwalys aware of being exposed to advertising. It is often implicity so, particularly in its consumption behaviour. So-colled “implicit” ads have stronger influence on consumers who are unaware of being affected and make stronger judgments.


When the consumer is confronted with a thought and judgment affected by a certain unconscious, i. e. involuntary, inlfuence, we speak of “mental contamination”

Indeed, tha ability to reason and analyze can sometimes be replaced by intuitions, desires and emtions.

Children are a prime target because they have a great influence on their parent’s purchases. You all know the leader in fast food Mc Donald’s which is a perfect example.

In short, advertising has the art of influencing consumer behaviour without even being aware of it.