The emotion generated by an advertisement has a direct impact on its performance. Joy is identified as the feeling that most inflences the memorization of an advertising message.

An innovative protocol 

AOL and iligo have conducted an innovative study that places the measurment of emotions at the haert of advertising effectiveness issues. Indeed, it combines the passive measurement of the 6 emotions with the declarative measurement of performance indicators. Thus, it allows a better analysis of the data collected.

The link between emotion and memory

In fact, the results show that emotional responses to ads are more influential on a person’s purchase intent than the content itself.

Indeed, the stronger the emotion generated, the higher the memorization of the message. 

Emotions help to optimize the competion rate

The completion rate of an advertising video refers to the proportion of individuals who view the entire video.

Indeed, there is a very clear correlation betweekn a positive emotional response and the time spent watching a video. An important attribute for advertisers wishing to optimize the effectiveness of their commercial ads.

Joy is the first emotional dirver. 

Therefore, the primary objective of advertisers must be to create an emotional bond with buyers. As a result, customers will feel connected to the brand and will therefore buy more easily.